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Maintenance Electricity -

Enrollment in The Maintenance Electricity program normally occurs every few months. A limited number of applications are now being taken for the scheduled September 2017 class. If you want to be part of the exciting electrical profession, contact the school at (724)438-4568. The program addresses Residential Wiring, Commercial/Industrial Wiring and Motor Repair/Programmable Controls and is based on the National Electrical Code.

Workshops -

Digital Camera Workshops:

Additional digital camera workshops are being planned in conjunction with Greystone Training Centers. Participants from West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania interested in learning the basics of digital camera techniques for print, presentation and internet photography should contact Dr. Priselac at the Institute. Topics include camera structure, resolution, color, aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity, time lapse photography, macro photography, panorama pictures, computer downloading, and simple print and viewing factors.

Materials World Modules, Key Curriclum, Inquiry and Design Training at the Fayette Institute:

Workshops are being planned on the Geometers' Sketchpad and Fathom 2 from Key Curriculum.

In collaboration with the National Center for the Advamcement of STEM Education (nCASE), specialized workshops are being offered to teachers and STEM Professionals on the Materials World Modules using an inquiry (science) and design (engineering) approach. These workshops are scheduled at various locations in the United States. To find the present schedule contact the nCase office at (724)425-5993.

- Dreamweaver Workshop

Macromedia Dreamveaver is scheduled to be offered at Fayette Institute. Participants will continue to develop skills in web page planning, design and creation techniques . Basic HTML coding will also be introduced. Faculty from the northeast part of the United States are eligible for the training at the Fayette Institute.

- On going - Digital Camera Photo - Editing Workshops

Continued Digital Camera and Photo Editing workshops are being offered at various locations in the five state area.

- Fathom Workshop

Key Curriculums statistics package for teachers and research personnel is being offered in April and May for a small group of enrollees. The course will focus on the use of "Fathom in teaching physics, chemistry and mathematics. The course is planned for offering at Garrett College and the Fayette Institute.


You can find out more about these workshops by contacting Dr. Stephen Priselac at the school, (724) 438-4568

In the Planning Stages:

We have access to workshop faculty from across the country. If you have a topic that you feel is of need or interest let us know. We will be most happy to consider it for inclusion.








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